Lorenzo Vignoli, born and raised in the Apuan Alps,lore-e-sofy
began as a painter and moved into sculpting after
completing his artistic training between Paris and
the Academy of fine arts in Carrara, Tuscany 
where he specialized in marble sculpting.
works with stone, wood, clay, resin and glass, trains and teaches modeling and sculpting. Lorenzo realized big monumental marble sculptures for artists around the world and had exhibitions in Italy and the US.

Lorenzo speaks Italian, French, Portuguese and English.

You can check him out in or on Instagram: vignolilorenzo

nat-marmoNathalie Alony, studied sculpture in the Academy of fine arts in Carrara where she met Lorenzo and from there they started their adventures through trips, marble symposiums and until the foundation of Tuscany Stone. 
Nathalie had exhibitions in Florence, Philadelphia and Tel-aviv and was published in many art magazines around the world.
Nathalie speaks English, Italian, Hebrew and Norwegian.
You can check more about Nathalie at and on Instagram: TuscanyStoneLab